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1 Year Anniversary | Meaghan + Ryan

Meaghan + Ryan | 1 Year Anniversary | White Willow Farms | Arcadia, IN



When Meaghan contacted me about a 1-year anniversary session I was so excited! Anniversary sessions are something that I want to start offering more of and hope that more couples get on board with. I want couples to celebrate themselves, whether you have been together for 1 year, 5 years, 10 or even 20. As Meaghan and I started to plan her session she had mentioned that she would love a location similar to her venue which was a barn. When I contacted White Willow Farms to see if we could use their venue they were more than gracious with giving us full access to their beautiful property.

As Meaghan and I continued to chat about her session she had mentioned that Ryan was going to rent the exact same tux and she was going to wear her wedding dress! I was so excited to hear this because on your wedding day it is rare that we get to spend all the time we want taking portraits. Meaghan's hair was done by Maria Solomon of Hair by Maria Christine who did a fabulous job and the gorgeous makeup by Madeline Lett of Makeup by Madeline. As this session was starting to come together we realized the last missing piece was a floral bouquet. That's when Alicia Hunneman of Amelia Marie Florals donated a beautiful arrangement for us to use. All I could think about was what an incredible 1-year anniversary session this was going to be. From the dress, to the venue, to the flowers I couldn't believe how this was coming together. And then, this session took on a whole other meaning...I learned that Meaghan and Ryan only received a handful of photos from their wedding day. Unfortunately, their photographer had not delivered the majority of their photos and the only photos they had of the two of them where cell-phone photos from guests. After hearing this I knew we had to try and recreate special moments that were not captured during their day. The walk down the aisle, the kiss, a first look, first dance, and even the most gorgeous sunset just for us. It may be a year later, but I am so happy that Meaghan and Ryan now have bridal portraits that they can hang on their wall and show their grandchildren 40 years from now.

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