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Hayley + Kt | Engaged

Hayley + Kt | Engaged | Indianapolis, IN | Macaron Bar



The rain stopped just as we were pulling up to Mass Ave for this fun Family + Engagement Session. It might have been a little chilly but we laughed, played, and even ate some yummy snacks as we warmed up at the Macaron Bar. It was so fun to cheers macarons and so kind of them to allow us to take some photos while we filled our bellies and created some fun memories. One of my favorite things about Engagement Sessions is hearing all about how you met. I can see the sparkle in your eye and how you get giddy about sharing those details with me. Keep reading to hear how Hayley and Kt met!

We met on a work trip. She lived in Nashville and I lived in Indy. We both worked for Hard Rock Cafe and we were both sent to Atlantic City in June/July, 2018 to open a new store. One of our first interactions was when she somehow overheard me saying my middle name and then in passing called by that and obviously I was very taken aback and honestly impressed. We left to go back to our own lives in different states and expected that to be the end of “us”. I’m generally not a crier or overall emotional but I cried all the way home. Every airport.. every layover.. I knew I just couldn’t let her go. We had a connection like I had never experienced. Thankfully she felt the same and so we tried the long distance thing. Every weekend driving 5 hours one way to have a day or two, FaceTiming day and night, learning everything there is to know about each other and falling in head over heels in love. We both knew “this was it, the universe has given me my soulmate” She moved here a few months later and honestly the rest is history.

- Hayley

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