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My Very First Fresh 48 | Avon Indiana Photographer

There is nothing purer than a fresh babe entering this world, so innocent and sweet. I may be in my mid 30's but babies are still a little scary for me. The first diaper I ever changed was my daughters, the first time I ever rocked a baby to sleep was mine, and the first time I ever felt a love so deep in my heart for someone I had just met were my own two littles. As I walked into my very first Fresh 48 session I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little nervous, very excited, and so ready to start this new journey in my business.

After two girls the Ellis family finally welcomed a baby boy! Finn Donald Ellis was born on 1/23/19 and was only 6 hours fresh when I had the pleasure of meeting him. He slept the entire 45 minutes I was there, we laughed, snuggled, and just enjoyed the newness of a little boy joining the family!

Natalie McIntire Photography | Fresh 48 Session

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