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Alicia + Cody | Engaged

Alicia + Cody | Engaged | Indianapolis, IN | Marion University



When I finally met Alicia in person for her and Cody's engagement session I felt like I already knew her. We chatted for a looooong time on the phone when she booked me for their wedding portraits/reception next year. Somewhere along the way she decided to add on an engagement session (and boy I am happy she did because, WOW) and then COVID hit. Their elopement plans changed and so we are now on for a full days wedding in March, and I couldn't be more excited that I get to spend the day with them. Alicia is so much fun and so darn sweet. Cody never once complained about the 1,000 photos I took of them and to see the love they have for each other is just the best...I must also say that I love how they met because nowadays it seems rare to meet someone in person, by chance. I'd call that fate...what would you call it?

The details are a little blurry...We met at a Sublime concert in May of 2014. I went with my friends and were partying because it was carb day at the race track. Next thing I remember, I'm booty bumping this guy next to me and then we start dancing. Everything after that is a blur, lol. Somehow we exchanged numbers and he asked me on a date a couple of days later! So we will be together for 6 years in May of this year!

- Alicia

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