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Tarah + Nick | Engaged!

Tarah + Nick | A Fall Engagement | Hunny Creek Haven, LLC | Rush County, IN



I met Tarah and Nick on a brisk Friday night for one of the most magical evenings at their venue, Hunny Creek Haven, LLC. Everything about this engagement session was absolute perfection. From their super cute pup (Scout), this gorgeous countryside venue, and the most stunning sunset I have seen in a long time. I booked Tarah after she had emailed me to ask a few questions about my wedding packages. She was unable to meet for a consultation so we did everything through email. After I sent Tarah and Nick my engagement questionnaire I was literally crying with the response I received.

"So we booked you and a wedding venue before we were actually engaged. We knew we wanted a fall 2020 wedding and we realized that venues and photographers were almost nearly booked. We talked and decided that we would just get the big things booked and then he would propose sometime in the near future, I had no idea when. Apparently, he actually planned to propose to me this weekend (Nov 3rd). But, I have a friend who is a professional photographer who asked to take pictures of my 6mo old golden retriever (Scout) to start building a pet portfolio. I told Nick that Scout was getting her pictures taken at Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park, so he reached out to Mac (the photographer) and told him he was planning to propose to me soon and asked if he could propose when we did pictures of Scout. Mac said of course. So we went to like 5 different locations to get pictures of Scout, and at the last one Mac asked me to have Scout roll over. I was getting her to roll over and Nick got down on one knee, tapped me on the back and I just said "what" without turning around. He did it again & said, "I have a question." Again, without turning around I said "Okay, so ask." Then he said, "Will you turn around please?" When I turned around and he was on one knee & said something I know was extremely sweet but I can't remember because I was so overwhelmed with emotion!"


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